Colorado Mountain Dogs

Colorado Mountain Dogs


The Colorado Mountain Dog

The Colorado Mountain Dog is a livestock guardian dog specifically bred for small acreage farming.   We are selecting for dogs which tend to wander and bark less, and which accept unknown humans easily and without suspicion or hostility.  The CMD is a beautiful dog, taller and leaner than some LGD breeds, with a medium body coat, soft silky hair that doesn't mat, and long full manes and tails.  They are generally white, but other colors are acceptable, such as brindle, tan with a dark muzzle, or badger markings.  A well bred Colorado Mountain Dog is a great family companion, and will do small perimeters around you as you hike or do chores on your property.   



Colorado Mountain Dogs are double registered with the (CMDR)
and The American Rare Breeds Association (ARBA)

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Colorado Mountain Dogs
For Farms and Families



We prioritized temperament over physical type in the first decade of the CMD knowing that above all, families need a stable dog who will fit into the activities of a small farm, with guests, children, and animals.



The Colorado Mountain Dog is a mellow dog who sets the animals at ease by his carriage, who blends well with them, bonding to and enjoying his charges.  But, CMDs are also alert and aware, and they have the instinct to guard.


Beauty, Health, Athleticism

The original founding dogs used to build the Colorado Mountain Dog breed were hip and health tested, and we encourage breeders to continue this in their programs.  CMDs are athletically built, with a good lifespan for a large breed. A well bred CMD moves powerfully and gracefully, with each stride carrying him well forward.