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UPDATE! The Colorado Mountain Dog Association is opening a club and registry by early April 2015! Check back for info!

CMDs are a line of cross Livestock Guardian Dogs being developed in Colorado since 2006. Unlike many other LGDs, they are people oriented, relaxed, mellow, and friendly. They are derived from generations of working dogs. We are working with all white, medium/ long coated dogs for Colorado winters. CMDs are especially suited for guarding animals and acreage against predatory animals. They work by establishing a territory and defending the borders against lions, coyotes, foxes, coons, and other wild animals whose territories intersect with ranches. They drive these animals away with very few actual physical confrontations. In areas where there are only small predators such as foxes, coons, etc, one dog is sufficient. In areas where lions or coyote packs or mountain lions are present, we recommend at least two Colorado Mountain Dogs. Our dogs are intelligent, mellow and easy to have indoors in spite of their size. They are friendly to our human visitors. They like to live with their families and that is their motivation for guarding. Their orientation to people is what makes them different than some other breeds of LGDs.

Caspian, who is pictured above is the "Justin's Morgan" foundation dog of CMDs. The point of this breed is not what cross they are, but that they go back to the elegance, sanity, intelligence, aptitudes, and devotion of this amazing dog. His sons and daughters are all over the state and beyond now doing a great job.

We have a small number of female CMDs which don't live here with Caspian but live on small ranches with kids and animals and are working dogs. Our pups are raised with livestock and kids. Our females were shipped to Colorado from goat ranches where these crosses are deliberately raised for temperament, hybrid vigor, athleticism, and guarding ability. Only the breeders recognized on this site are raising CMDs, which we are monitoring during this time as we get founded. The outcross dogs we have added to our program are known as Colorado Mountain Foundation Dogs.

Above and below - our foundation dog, Caspian, as a pup.
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