Colorado Mountain Dogs

Colorado Mountain Dog Sires

The Colorado Mountain Dog Sires below are organized by their generational standings. All dogs are registered CMDR/ARBA
(”G” stands for generational standing. It progresses from Foundation Dog (FD), through G1, G2, G3, and G4. The cross of 2 G4 dogs results in a purebred.
The CMD is several years away from that. Pups are one “G” higher than their lowest parent.)

G2 Sires


Desert Kennels The Bandersnatch of CNK, Wendy Francisco, Livermore, CO
The Bandersnatch, 28.5” G2, Pyr/Anatolian/St. Bernard CMDR/ARBA
Sire: Desert Kennel Sage (G1) double dewclaws.
Standing at stud and proven. Bander throws height because his grand sire is 32 and his sire is 31. He is a fabulous herd guard, gentle, and a soul dog. Hips x-rayed and pre-certified.


John Wayne of Pata de Perro Kennel, G2, Auria Tellechea, MI
Titan x Crack O'Noon Aravis, Pyrenees, Anatolian & Kuvasz, October 24, 2015
28" H - 95 lbs Dewclaws: Yes, singles, Standing at Stud, ARBA & CMDR


Bontemp Acres Aslan of Crack O’ Noon, G2, Wendy Francisco, Livermore, CO
Dolly x Albus, Pyr, Anatolian, Maremma, Kuvasz 31.5 “ Aslan is a line-bred Caspian grandson.
CMDR/ARBA, proven stud, rear single declaws, CMDR/ARBA,


Painted Canvas Farms Valor of NRW Gate (G2) Owned by Melody Shaw
CMDR/ARBA, Oct 2018 Valor is just a pup, but since he is a valuable G2 unrelated to Caspian lines, we decided to post him so you can get to know him. Valor will be grown out, is already working with livestock, will be pre-certified at 8 months, and we will keep you posted about this gorgeous son of Chuck Norris and Elly Mae from PCF.


Sunset Ranch Maverick, Mountain Sun Farm, G2, Bethany Grosser, Peyton, CO
Stone Table Petey (G1) x Haley of Sunset Ranch (G1), Pyr/Anatolian,/Kuvasz CMDR/ARBA
Breeder: Sunset Ranch, Photo Courtesy: Amy Collins
Mountain Sun Farm, Berthoud, CO  720-384-3490


Moose of Stone Table, G2, Kathleen Baca, Yoder, CO
Titan (G1)x Lilliandil (G1), Pyrenees, Anatolian & Kuvasz
April 1, 2015, 30" H - 110 lbs, OFA
Rear Dewclaws
Photo Courtesy: Kathleen Baca


Crack O’ Noon Bruinen, G2, Wendy Francisco, Livermore, CO
Bruinen is he a rare G2 stud candidate who is unrelated to Caspian lines and coming up in the ranks.
Snowfall, (G1 CMD (breed cross, Pyr x Maremma) 27”, x Broham of CNK, 33.5” (G1 Turkish Mastiff). Bruinen has a wonderful mind and a low energy level and we expect great things from him!


Colonel Cotton Lyndall Hill, Tracy Wray, Hartsel, CO
CMDR/ARBA G2, 30" H Anatolian, Akbash, Pyrenees & Kangal,
throws color and brindle.
Photo Courtesy: Tracy Wray

G1 Sires


Crack O’ Noon Issac of Potter's Touch, G1
Caspian of CNK x Melian, Pyrenees, Anatolian & Maremma, OFA
Rear Dewclaws, Standing at Stud:  ARBA, CMDR
Owner: Annemarie Egli, Florissant, CO


Hello Kentucky Glenstorm, Livermore CO Owner Mike Johansson
Glenstorm, 28”, G1, CMDR/ARBA - HKY Moose x Marshmallow of HKY
Glenstorm is a 50.50 Pyr/Maremma cross. He is a very gentle soul, a great protector of his people and animals. Glenstorm is a proven sire with many wonderful working CMDs on the ground. Standing at stud, Contact:


Leo, G1, Linda Fellows, Westcliffe, CO
Crack O'Noon Caspian (F) x Tovah (G1), Pyrenees & Anatolian
Standing at stud, CMDR/ARBA contact
Photo Courtesy: Linda Fellows


Albus of Bontemp Acres, Cortez, CO
Albus, 31”, G1, Hips pre-certified, Pyr/Anatolian/Maremma/Kuvasz CMDR/ARBA


Chuck Norris of Painted Canvas Farms, MO, Kristin Robertson
Chuck Norris, 28”, Pyr/Anatolian, G1, CMDR/ARBA,


Stone Table Ranch Petey, CO
Petey, G1, 30”, Pyr/Anatolian, CMDR/ARBA
Chewy x Faith, double declaws, throws color. Hips vet pre-certified.
Standing at stud.
Petey is a proven stud, with many wonderful working guardians out there.


Klondike, G1, Bobby and Katie Resch, Wellington, CO
Yetozzie x Isabella, Pyrenees & Anatolian June 2017
29" H - 95 lbs, OFA, Rear Dewclaws, singles
Standing at Stud: ARBA & CMDR
Photo: Wendy Francisco


Desert Kennels Sage, G1, Abra Karhan, Saint Stephens, WY
Sire: Laddie of Desert Kennels
Breed Summary: Pyr/Anatolian, St. Bernard, 32" H, Rear Dewclaws
Standing at Stud: Yes, ARBA & CMDR
Breeder: Desert Kennels
Photo Courtesy: Abra Karhan


Titan G1, Travis and Jeanne Pfalzgraff, Canon City, CO
Sire: Tirian (F) x Arwen (F), Pyrenees & Anatolian, OFA
Rear Dewclaws, ARBA, CMDR


Broham of CNK, G1, Wendy Francisco, Livermore, CO
Breed: Boz/Turkish Shepherd, 33.5” CMDR/ARBA, Hips vet checked.
Fabulous temperament with people, completely mellow, and lives with a goat herd.
Broham is a proven stud, and may stand to stud to approved CMDs.


Wexter, G1
Crack Caspian (F) x Ginger (G1)
Height/Length/Weight: 31" H - 100+ lbs, OFA
Dewclaws: No
ARBA, CMDR, Reference listing courtesy CMDR

Foundation Sires


In Memory — Caspian of Crack O’ Noon CMDs, Livermore, CO
Caspian, 31.5, 2007 CMDR/ARBA, Foundation
Caspian was a truly magnificent Pyr/Anatolian cross who guarded, and who loved everybody he met. He inspired and founded the Colorado Mountain Dog, and bestowed his beauty, size, and temperament to the breed.


Olaf of Halls Heaven, Wellington, CO
30”, Foundation, Pure Pyr CMDR/ARBA
Olaf oversees a busy small family farm with many animals, children, and visitors. He is always ready to greet you with a hug. Olaf is a proven stud, with many wonderful working offspring. Photo: Lynn St. Peters


Chubs of Balto Farms, Jen Pace Anderson, Boulder, CO.
Pyrenees & Anatolian July 2015 29" H - 118 lbs
Testing: Embark Vet / UC Davis Vet / approved xrays by Vet
Rear Single Dewclaws, Standing at Stud, ARBA, CMDR


“Bo” - Jenni Hanson 602 463 4287
Bo is a purebred Anatolian Shepherd, long coat, 33 inches at the shoulder, and a very sweet temperament to farm guests. Standing at stud.


Chewie of Stone Table, Foundation, Kathleen Baca, Yoder, CO
Mathius the Great x Ladybug, Great Pyrenees, December 14, 2013
Height/Length/Weight: 29" H - 95 lbs, ARBA & CMDR
Rear Dewclaws: Yes
Photo Courtesy: Kathleen Baca


Fezzik of Meadowlard Acres, Foundation, Emily Hamer, Yoder, CO
Pyrenees & Anatolian, hips vet checked, ARBA & CMDR
Photo Courtesy: Emily Hamer


Howling Homestead's Hunter, Foundation, Darrell Speights, Cedaredge, CO
Howling Homestead's Odin x Howling Homestead's Neith
Italian Maremma (imported lines), December 25, 2017
Height/Length/Weight: 31" H still growing, Parents OFA
Rear Dewclaws: Yes, singles, ARBA & CMDR
Breeder: Howling Homestead, Photo Courtesy: Darrell Speights


Nova, Foundation, Vanessa Woodson
Pyrenees & Anatolian
32" H, ARBA & CMDR
Rear Dewclaws: Yes
Photo Courtesy: Vanessa Woodson


Todd, Foundation,Jon Oldfield, Cotopaxi, CO
Rear Dewclaws: Yes
Photo Courtesy: Jon Oldfield


Tirian Crack O'Noon, Foundation
Great Pyrenees & Anatolian Shepherd, Rear Dewclaws: 
ARBA, CMDR, reference listing courtesy CMDR.


Yetozzie, F
Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd, OFA
Rear Dewclaws, ARBA, CMDR


Laddie of Desert Kennels, Foundation Arba Karhan, Saint Stephens, WY
Height 30", Rear Dewclaws, ARBA & CMDR
Photo Courtesy: Arba Karhan


Hello KY Zeus, Foundation, Ashley Sanders, KY
Pyrenees, double dewclaws, 30”, CMDR/ARBA
Photo courtesy Ashley Sanders