Colorado Mountain Dogs

Why are there two CMD clubs?
The Colorado Mountain Dog is being founded by Wendy Francisco, who opened and set up the CMDA intending to lay the foundation for linking to a national registry, launch a public database, and found her breed from inception to the closing of the studbooks. Wendy gave dogs to other members of the CMDA board to help launch the breed, and she stepped away from organizational aspects of the registry, to carry out the founding of the breed from a member position.

A power move was made assuming the name and founding of the breed. Genetic goals were changed, the national registry was refused, the publishing of a public database was cancelled, and Wendy herself was told what genetics she could and couldn’t use, by board members who themselves had not evaluated any new dogs for their programs or contributed to the genetic pool. Dog’s that Wendy initially donated to board members to get the breed going, were bred and bred with no new genetics added or improvements made. The existing standard was changed last minute to enforce this coup, and then changed back at Wendy’s departure. The CMDA had determined to make the Colorado Mountain Dog a Pyr hybrid designer dog, with only Great Pyrenees allowed in as purebred foundation dogs, and all other foundations being crosses. They are a closed, in house registry, with a closed database.

At the end of 2017, Wendy opened the Colorado Mountain Dog Registry to salvage the breed. The day after the new registry launched, the breed was accepted by the American Rare Breed Association. The new board is much larger and includes veterinarians and people with genetics degrees. The size of the outcross genetic pool doubled in the first 3 weeks after the CMDR opened, simply by farms hearing about the change and joining in with new dogs. The CMD has owners, breeders, and enthusiasts coast to coast now, and new foundation animals coming in often.

Wendy Francisco is not a pup producer but a breeder with extensive experience in multiple breeds. She has never done more than two litters in a year. She innovates her genetics constantly, while maintaining a line which goes back to the founding stud, CNK Caspian. All her dogs are raised in a working context with her New Zealand Kiko Goat herd. Nearly every pairing Wendy does has the entire database in mind as well as a planned generational progression towards the first purebred animals, which she hopes will begin to be produced in 2022.

The CMDR is the parent organization for the Colorado Mountain Dog in The American Rare Breed Association. All registrations are double, with ARBA there as a third party and the CMDR there to oversee the CMD standard and to guide the formation of the breed. The studbooks are open and every new foundation candidate is met personally and approved. The CMDR serves the membership, recognizes that they are the ones with rolled up sleeves doing the genetic work, and might be one of the only organization of its type which is directed by its bylaws to submit all revisions of the breed standard to its members before drafting changes.

The Colorado Mountain Dog is a response to the explosion of small acreage farming, and the need for an LGD with reduced wandering and barking, and which will work easily with many humans on the farm. There are no purebred Colorado Mountain Dogs yet, but there are many families enjoying the developing breed and successfully integrating them into their small farms.

There have been clubs and farms using the breed name and making money by producing pups without contributing to the ongoing genetic development. ONLY CMDs registered with the CMDR and ARBA are actual CMDs. Always ask any breeder you buy from, or club you register with, if they are associated with the Colorado Mountain Dog REGISTRY, and the American Rare Breed Association.