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Colorado Mountain Dogs started right here. They are livestock guardians and are about 130 pounds. They are strikingly beautiful and have much of the appearance of the Great Pyreness but a lighter frame, more athletic, finer and cleaner muzzle, and hybrid vigor from Anatolian Shepherds. They are a working, versus a show dog. They have been bred for their temperments, intelligence, and guarding qualities and they do not have a show history. We're aiming for a gentle family/livestock guardian with high intelligence and sweet nature, perfect for people who have acreage and animals in Colorado but do not want a dog that intimidates or goes after people.
Our foundation stud dog, Caspian, came right off of a goat ranch and is the most calm intelligent beautiful dog we had ever seen. He is the best dog we have ever owned or known. Our visitors are always amazed at him. He does examine every visitor, but is welcoming and happy to greet our guests... and they all have to shake his paw and hug him. Caspian is great in the house. He is calm, intelligent, and like a polite member of the family.
Caspian's abilities....
Caspian sensed the caution I had because of the lions in the area and responded to it. Starting as an 8 month old pup, if he saw me come outside at night, he would leap up and run around the house barking, run up and down the gullys, and then to my side. He'd then escort me to the barn with my hand riding on his back. When Caspian hikes with us, he makes large circles around us the whole way checking every bush, rock and tree. Caspian barks aggressively and loudly at strange animals, but is gentle to our chickens, goats and kittens. He noses them like a mom. Caspian also greets our guests, both adults and children, with enthusiasm and politeness.

Our dogs are not registered with AKC and we would like them to stay out of the showring. We feel that showring goals are in conflict with the purpose of our dogs. However, we love to get together privately and discuss the qualities of our dogs and how to improve this new breed.

Join Our Effort
Colorado Mountain Dogs were created not as a money making venture but from recognizing the need for a people oriented dog who could guard smaller acreages in Colorado. We are looking for white, long-coated Pyr crosses who are intelligent and friendly, lean and athletic, devoted to their families, open and friendly and safe around human guests, yet retaining their guardian abilities specifically against predatory animals.
Caspian as a 12 month old pup.
River, Snow, Aravis, Revilian, are also Colorado Mountain dogs. They have the same sweet, intelligent temperments that Caspian does. They all came off of goat ranches around the country, are the same cross, and are unrelated.
Our recent Caspian and Snow litter... all these pups have gone to homes with acreage.